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PUSHAS subsidised label courier pick-up FAQs

Note: the PUSHAS subsidised labels are available for AU sellers only.

For the courier option, how much notice do I need to provide for the pick up? 

You will need to provide at least 24 hours notice for the pick up. 

Can I organise a specific time for the pick up? 

Unfortunately, the courier operates on a schedule basis instead of time frames. They can pick up any time from 8am – 5pm. However, they most likely do their pick ups before midday. 

Can I organise the pick up somewhere other than my residential address? 

Yes, if no one is available at your residential address, you are able to organise the pick up from another location – such as work or a friend / family’s address. 

What if I can’t organise someone and can’t have it picked up from work? 

The last and final option is to leave the parcel in a safe space on your property. However, this is not ideal and is only suggested if the property is secure and the parcel will not be seen by the public. 

We would suggest organising a pick up from another location where someone will be free to hand over the parcel to the courier. 

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