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What types of sneakers does PUSHAS accept?Updated 2 years ago

PUSHAS sells a variety of brand-new authentic sneakers from a number of brands including Nike, Adidas, New Balance and more. 

The condition guidelines for sneakers to be sold on PUSHAS include the following:

  • Sneakers must be brand new (deadstock)
  • Sneakers must be unworn
  • Sneakers must be authentic
  • Sneakers must have their original box and packaging

What classifies as 'Brand New' on PUSHAS?

PUSHAS classifies ‘Brand New’ as an authentic and unworn pair of sneakers.

All ‘Brand New’ sneakers come with their original box unless stated otherwise.

‘Brand New’ sneakers also may or may not include additional accessories, such as extra laces, stickers and cards, that were included in the original packaging at retail purchase.

There may be slight imperfections or factory flaws from the manufacturer and retailer that will still be considered brand new.

'Brand New' sneakers may be unlaced and tried on for fit from the retailer.

PUSHAS understands that the ‘Brand New’ sneaker boxes may encounter some damage due to shipping and handling by the retailer, and couriers.

With some older pairs of 7+ years, they may yellow due to aging and should be worn at your discretion. These older pairs may also have some structural weaknesses and/or have become less durable.   

We allow the original box to be slightly damaged, such as minor dents and rips as with any sneaker store. Anything outside of this, will be listed with additional notes.

Do you accept sneakers with damaged boxes?

We accept sneakers that have damaged boxes as long as the damage has not impacted the shoe in any way. However, the sneakers must be listed clearly showing that the box is damaged. These sneakers will usually have a discount applied to them to account for the condition of the box.

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