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Can I return my item and receive a refund?Updated a month ago

Returns based on change of mind

We are unable to offer refunds, exchanges or swaps of any kind - including if you ordered the wrong size or change of mind.

So please make your purchase carefully!

Once you have placed your order, we cannot change or cancel your order.

Therefore, all transactions are final.

Returns based on fit for use

Sneakers that might have a manufacturing fault may be sent to our team to be assessed to see whether they were damaged through wear and tear or if it was indeed a manufacturing fault.

Refunds or exchanges will only be given if you have a proof of purchase, all tags are intact and sneakers are returned in the same condition they were shipped.

Please note that most sneakers that are released by retailers over 2 years ago are generally collectibles. Therefore, their "fit for use" is to be displayed and stored and not worn.

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