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How do I price my items?Updated a year ago

Who determines the prices? 

We allow our sellers to determine the price for their items. Sellers must take into account factors such as seller fees, market value and size. 

How do I calculate the price based on my payout?

In general, the prices shown on the website are the lowest priced item and items are queued based on price.

The fee percentage is taken on the listing price followed by the item fee.

Based on these factors, the seller can determine what price they would like to set for their items. Sellers must only price in increments of A$5. We require this in order to disincentivize undercutting.

We have created a number of seller tools including a pricing calculator here to help you with pricing. Please note that these tools are a guide only and it is up to the seller to do the necessary calculations to ensure you're receiving the correct payout.

If you're working from an excel, the formula is as follows:

  • To calculate your payout to PUSHAS listing price: =(payoutprice+itemfee)/(1-feepercentage)
    • E.g. Power Seller fee of 17% + $15: =(yourpayoutprice+15)/(1-0.17)
  • To round up to the nearest $5 increment: =ceiling(aboveformula,5)

Can you provide me with suggested prices? 

Our team can assist you with pricing suggestions. However, you must make the final decision for the pricing. 

Can I change my prices later on? 

Yes! Just simply edit the price in you Consignor Portal.

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