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How do I sell on PUSHAS?

At PUSHAS we help resellers scale-up in a hands-free way using our infrastructure with warehouses in Sydney and Los Angeles. We have two options for sellers:. Keeping your stock onsite at PUSHAS. For those who are sending your stock for us to hold, a

What are PUSHAS' fees for sellers?

We charge is a small marketplace fee for our services once a sale is made. *Super Seller MembershipThe membership is to reward sellers with high volumes with the ability to price their sneakers lower - allowing you to keep more profits compared to Po

How do I ship my sneakers to PUSHAS?

Our warehouses are located in Sydney and Los Angeles. Sellers are responsible for shipping labels and costs to PUSHAS. AU sellers. Sellers based in Australia are able to purchase PUSHAS subsidized labels here to ship their sneakers to the PUSHAS Sydn

How do I pack my sneakers when shipping stock to PUSHAS?

Please double box all sneakers and do not use satchels. Please ensure sneakers are packed tightly into a larger box, only having a maximum of 1cm space between the sneaker box and the outer box. Alternatively, please include bubble wrap or more cardb

Can I drop off my sneakers to PUSHAS?

We only allow Sellers based in Sydney to drop off their sneakers. You can organise a drop off to PUSHAS. However, you will need to schedule a time and date with [email protected] via this link.

What happens if I want to withdraw/request for my sneakers back?

Sellers will need to ‘Withdraw’ their sneakers on the consignor portal and email [email protected] the sneaker they would like to be returned. Alternatively, you can also change the qty of the stock to 0 on the consignor portal. How much does it cost t

PUSHAS subsidised label courier pick-up FAQs

Note: the PUSHAS subsidised labels are available for AU sellers only. For the courier option, how much notice do I need to provide for the pick up?. You will need to provide at least 24 hours notice for the pick up. Can I organise a specific time for

Is my stock insured at the warehouse?

If your stock goes missing after it has been accepted at the warehouse, we will insure your stock up to the payout value (value listed on the portal minus fees) at the time of the event occurring.

What happens if my stock gets lost during transit?

If your stock goes missing in transit while it's being shipped to our warehouse using our carrier labels, we will start an investigation with the delivery carrier to help reach a resolution. If a resolution is not available, we will pay up to the ret

Where can I source boxes to ship my sneakers in?

AU sellers. You can source boxes from your local supermarket, Officeworks, post office or box shops (e.g. Kennards). US sellers. You can source boxes from Uline, your local post office, Home Depot, Lowe's etc. See below for box size guide:.

How do I price my sneakers?

Who determines the prices?. We allow our sellers to determine the price for the sneakers. Sellers must take into account factors such as seller fees, market value and size. Can you provide me with suggested prices?. Our team can assist you with prici

What does PUSHAS consider as a damaged box?

If the original shoe box is damaged, we will still take it in as long as the damage has not impacted the shoe in any way. Please note that sellers will need to add in the description that they are in a damaged box, so the buyers are aware. Below are

How do I get paid?

Payments are made via direct bank transfer or through PayPal. Sellers are to respond to the "Welcome to the PUSHAS family" email with their payment details. For AU sellers please provide the following details:. For US sellers please provide the follo

When do I get paid?

Once a sale is made and an order has been fulfilled, we process all payments on Thursdays, AEST. We do not offer early payouts. Remote/Offsite sellers. For remote/offsite selling, we will approve the payment once we have received and checked the snea

Where can I find PUSHAS subsidised labels?

Refer to the link here to purchase your label. Please ensure that you fill out the details below during the checkout process to ensure that your label is accurate.PUSHAS Shipping Labels is a door-to-door pickup for our sellers to get their sneakers t

What happens when a Seller breaks the rules? What are the penalties?

In order to maintain a well functioning platform, we ask our Sellers to follow the rules noted in each Seller Agreement. Sellers that do not follow the Seller Agreements are subject to penalties.

Do I need to pay GST?

For AU sellers, GST may be payable for the sales you make on PUSHAS. If you are not sure if this applies to you, please contact the Australian Tax Office and/or seek professional advice about your tax obligations. For listings on PUSHAS.com, prices i