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Refurbished by PUSHASUpdated 7 months ago

To do our part to decrease waste and promote sustainability, Refurbished by PUSHAS is a collection of items for customers who are okay with factory-flaw or slightly imperfect items. We hand-inspect each item to make sure each item is like-new but slightly imperfect (for example: stain, mark, discolouration or fading) and sell them in this collection so you can enjoy your near-perfect item below market prices.

Our quality checks on our new items are of the highest standard. But not every item will meet a sellable condition but that doesn't mean it heads to a landfill.

Since each item is priced below market prices, and is refurbished, all sales are final.


What are Refurbished items?

  • Refurbished items are those which are like-new but are slightly imperfect so they cannot be sold as new. Examples include and are not limited to factory flaws, stitching errors, cuts, tears, stains, marks, excess glue, peeling, discolouration or fading.

What's the returns policy if I purchase Refurbished by PUSHAS shoes?

  • There are no returns available since all purchases are final. These items are already heavily discounted from market price.

Why does Refurbished by PUSHAS exist?

  • We want to do our part to decrease waste and promote sustainability. There are many items that might be imperfect due to a factory flaw that is brand new that can still find a home instead of going to waste.
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