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Shipping Returns Back to PUSHASUpdated 9 months ago

This is the complete guide on how to carefully ship your returns back to PUSHAS.

Please carefully read and adhere to the instructions to ensure that your return is efficiently processed upon its arrival at our facility.

How to pack your items for return?

Step 1: Pack your items back into the shipping box that was used when delivered to you. If you have discarded the shipping box, please outsource another box that is a similar size. If there is a lot of empty space in the box (> 1 cm in space), please use bubble wrap and/or shipping paper to ensure the item is secure in the box while in transit.

Step 2: Tape the box securely to ensure the parcel is protected during transit.

Step 3: Tape the shipping label to the outside of the shipping box.

Ways to avoid shipping to PUSHAS

Do NOT tape a label directly onto the original sneaker box and taping the sides closed to return the item.

Do NOT tape a label onto the original apparel packaging, and use it as the satchel to return the apparel item.

Do NOT ship sneakers in a satchel, as this will not protect the items during transit.

Additional Information

  • Please ensure you pack your item safely and securely into the box it was delivered in. The buyer is responsible for any damage to items that are not shipped appropriately. 

  • Packaging that is not considered appropriate include, but is not limited to: boxes shipped in satchels, items shipped without an outer box, items that are shipped without bubble wrap or padding, items shipped in damaged outer boxes or multiple boxes taped together to make a larger outside box.

  • PUSHAS has the right to turn away any items that are deemed unsuitable for a return, upon arrival, or if the buyer has not emailed us about initiating a return. 

  • If the item is shipped incorrectly, a further 10% fee will be applied to the return.

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