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What happens when a Seller breaks the rules? What are the penalties?Updated a year ago

In order to maintain a well functioning platform, we ask our Sellers to follow the rules noted in each Seller Agreement. Sellers that do not follow the Seller Agreements are subject to penalties.

Non-Compliance Fees

PUSHAS FeeDescriptionAmount (A$)
Undercutting FeeAll sellers - Prices must be changed by A$5 increments. There will be a fee for each item that was found to be undercut.$5 per case
Rent/Admin FeesAll sellers - Sellers must add stock into the portal before shipping their stock into PUSHAS. Any stock that has not been added after the stock has been received at a PUSHAS warehouse will result in a rent/admin fee.$1 per sneaker/per day
Late FeesOffsite sellers only - When remote stock is not shipped within 1-2 business days a fee will incur.$15 per item
Seller Error FeesOffsite sellers only - For any stock that cannot be fulfilled by the seller. This can be due to oversell, incorrect listing of items, sending in wrong or damaged items.10% of the item value
Slip FeeOffsite sellers onlySlips must be completed and included in the sneaker box when shipping sold items.$5 per slip
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