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How do I pack my sneakers when shipping stock to PUSHAS?Updated a year ago

Please ensure that sneakers are in their shoeboxes and then securely placed in a larger, sufficiently sized, sturdy box (an outside box). 

Please ensure sneakers are packed tightly into a larger box, only having a maximum of 1cm space between the sneaker box and the outer box. To secure the box, please include bubble wrap or more cardboard to fill in any air space.

Please ensure the sneaker boxes are not crushing each other in the parcel and that the parcel is taped up securely.

Sellers are responsible for any damage to items that are not shipped in the appropriate packaging. 

Packaging that is not considered appropriate include, but is not limited to: shoeboxes shipped in satchels, shoeboxes shipped in outside boxes that are not secured with bubble wrap or padding and items shipped in damaged outside boxes or multiple boxes taped together to make a larger outside box.

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