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Shipping stock to PUSHAS

How do I ship, pack or drop off my stock to PUSHAS? What happens if my stock gets lost during transit? Where can I source boxes? Where can I find PUSHAS shipping lables?

How do I ship my sneakers to PUSHAS?

Our warehouses are located in Sydney and Los Angeles. Sellers are responsible for shipping labels and costs to PUSHAS. Options:. 1. Sellers can use their own labels to ship their stock to our warehouse.2. PUSHAS shipping labels with Couriers Please -

How do I pack my sneakers when shipping stock to PUSHAS?

Please ensure that sneakers are in their shoeboxes and then securely placed in a larger, sufficiently sized, sturdy box (an outside box). Please ensure sneakers are packed tightly into a larger box, only having a maximum of 1cm space between the snea

Can I drop off my sneakers to PUSHAS?

We only allow Sellers based in Sydney to drop off their sneakers. For security reasons, the drop offs are for PUSHAS sellers ONLY and our drop off location should not be shared with individuals outside of the organisation. For drop offs, please make

What happens if my stock gets lost during transit?

Sellers are responsible for their stock up until the point that it is accepted by the PUSHAS team. If your stock goes missing in transit to our warehouse using our carrier labels, we will start an investigation with the delivery carrier to help reach

Where can I source boxes to ship my sneakers in?

You can source boxes from your local supermarket, Officeworks, post office or box shops (e.g. Kennards). You can source boxes from Uline, your local post office, Home Depot, Lowe's etc. See below for box size guide:.

Where can I find PUSHAS shipping labels?

Refer to the link here to purchase your label. PUSHAS uses Couriers Please and Australia Post to assist sellers to get their stock to our Sydney warehouse. We're currently only offering this product to sellers in Australia. PUSHAS Subsidized Shipping