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How do I sell on PUSHAS?

At PUSHAS we help resellers scale-up in a hands-free way using our infrastructure with warehouses in Sydney and Los Angeles. We have two options for sellers:

Keeping your stock onsite at PUSHAS

For those who are sending your stock for us to hold, all you need to do is upload your stock through our Consignor Portal, send us your stock in bulk to our warehouse and we handle the rest including listing (on both our marketplace and eBay AU & US), storage, fulfillment, postage to customers worldwide and more. We charge a small marketplace fee for our services once a sale is made. All you need to do is sit back and get paid.

Remote/offsite selling

For those who would like to keep their stock with them and only send stock once a sale is made, you need to first upload your stock through our Consignor Portal, then once a sale is made you will ship your stock to your local warehouse and we ship directly to customers worldwide on your behalf, handling import taxes, duties, clearance etc.

In Australia, PUSHAS offers offsite selling to those with Super Seller memberships

In US, PUSHAS is currently offering select sellers the ability to sell offsite.

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