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How do I ship my sneakers to PUSHAS?Updated a year ago

Our warehouses are located in Sydney and Los Angeles. Sellers are responsible for shipping labels and costs to PUSHAS.

AU sellers


1. Sellers can use their own labels to ship their stock to our warehouse.
2. PUSHAS shipping labels with Couriers Please - this is our door-to-door option. A maximum of 8 pairs of sneakers can be shipped per box per label. Sellers must ensure they are packing and double boxing your sneakers correctly. 
3. PUSHAS shipping labels with Australia Post -  Sellers must take the parcel to their nearest post office. A maximum of 4 pairs of sneakers can be shipped per box per label. 

US and worldwide sellers

Sellers in the US and worldwide are responsible for shipping costs and labels to PUSHAS LA. Sellers can ship as many sneakers in one shipping box as they’d like using their own labels.

You will be entirely responsible for what happens to your stock during transit to PUSHAS.

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