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What happens if I want to withdraw/request for my sneakers back?

Sellers will need to ‘Withdraw’ their sneakers on the consignor portal and email [email protected] the sneaker they would like to be returned.

Alternatively, you can also change the qty of the stock to 0 on the consignor portal.

How much does it cost to ship my sneakers back to me or my buyer? 

To ship your stock back to you or to a private buyer, you will just need to cover the shipping cost and either provide us with your own label or purchase our shipping labels. Our shipping labels back to you cost A$15 for the courier booking fee and A$4 for every shoe after going to the same address.

If you use our courier option for your withdrawal, this will include a tracking number, signature upon delivery and insurance (at the retail value).

What happens if I find another buyer or my stock has sold elsewhere? 

Easy. We can ship the sneakers directly to your buyer for you. We do require that you cover the shipping cost.

If your stock is held remotely/offsite, simply withdraw the stock from the Consignor Portal.

Is there a withdrawal fee if I request for my sneakers back? 

There are zero withdrawal fees for requesting your sneakers back. We only require for you to organise the shipping cost.  

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