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Where can I find PUSHAS shipping labels?Updated a year ago

Refer to the link here to purchase your label. 

PUSHAS uses Couriers Please and Australia Post to assist sellers to get their stock to our Sydney warehouse. We're currently only offering this product to sellers in Australia.

Option 1: Couriers Please

PUSHAS Subsidized Shipping Labels with Couriers Please is a door-to-door option. Sellers are able to pack as much stock as they can fit in one box. Sellers must purchase one label per box.

Note: There have been delays with our carrier, Couriers Please. We advise you only book the labels if you are happy to take the chance and wait for the courier or you are happy to take the parcels to your nearest Couriers Please depot.

In the case the couriers do not arrive, after we have booked the labels, sellers will have to take it on themselves to rebook the pick up by calling Couriers Please directly and quote the tracking number on the label to avoid further delays.

Option 2: Australia Post

PUSHAS provides Australia Post shipping labels for sellers who prefer to take the parcel to their nearest post office. Only four sneakers can be shipped within one label. 

Required Information

Prior to ordering labels: Please ensure all items are listed in the portal before making a booking. Labels will not be provided if items are not entered into the portal. PUSHAS Subsidised Shipping Labels are for consignment stock that you wish to store and sell with us ONLY.

Quantity: Adjust the quantity section in the cart for the number of labels required for the pick up (1 unique label per shipping box).

Pick up date: Please add your pick up date (DD/MM/YY) in the 'Order Special Instructions' section in your cart. Please add a date someone will be available to hand over the parcel to the courier.

Cart: If you click 'Check Out', you will not be able to see the 'Order Special Instructions' section. Please add the labels to the cart, and go to your cart to add the pick up date before adding your payment details.

Pickup location and phone number: We will use the shipping address and phone number you add to the order for your pick up location and contact number for the courier.

Additional Information

Receiving the labels: Please allow a 24 business hour time frame to receive your labels. Please ensure you are booking labels 24-48 hours ahead of your pick up date. Our business hours are from Monday to Friday (8am to 4pm). Once you have successfully ordered your labels via PUSHAS.com, one of our friendly team members will email you a confirmation email with the labels attached.

Pick up time: The courier could come anytime between 8:00am - 5:00pm. Pickups usually occur before 12:00pm.

Missed pick up: If you miss the courier and a re-booking is required, extra costs may occur. We do not take responsibility for shoes and shoeboxes damaged in transit.

Printing & Packing

Print: Please print the label in A4/A5 and attach it to your parcel securely.

Packing: Please make sure your sneakers are inside their shoebox, then securely packed into a shipping box.

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